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Project Design

Projects in basic sanitation, design and implementation. Urban and rural, ornamental and agroindustrial irrigation. projects applying technical irrigation. Design, implementation, monitoring of wells for agricultural purposes.Hydrological, hydrogeological, environmentally oriented studies.

Natural Grains

We are producers and processors of grain in the east, lowlands of Bolivia. We work with producers, processors and marketing cooperatives. Market and export of Chia, quinoa, amaranth, beans and sesame. We have access to a wide range of tropical crops.


Industrial electromechanics

Specialized in high, medium and low voltage electrical implementation. With certification in handling and installation in electromechanical irrigation equipment

Mechanized Irrigation

At Pierce we offer high quality products, professional customer service, and an after-sales service highly valued by our customers..

Insect Control

The sustainable solution to the insect control

Wolverine Ditcher

The Wolverine Ditcher combines the cutting power of an ag scraper with the dirt distribution of a rotary ditcher to get your water management work done in much less time and in year-round conditions without compromising on quality.

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